Prostate cancer staging tables

A predictive nomogram for the UK

List of Surgical and Pathological Contributors

Agrawal SK, Bailey MJ, Beacock CJM, Bhanot SM, Boustead GB, Boyd PJR, Britton JP, Butterworth PC, Carter PG, Chang C, Corbishley CM, Crundwell MC, Davis JH, Donat R, Eden CG, Emberton M, Freeman A, Gianduzzo T, Green JSA, Griffiths TRL, Gujral SS, Henderson A, Hines JE, Kaisary AV, Kirby Prof RS, Kockelbergh RC, Langley Prof SEM, Lester J, Luscombe C, Mantle M, McInerney PD, Mellon Prof JK, O'Donoghue EPN, Osborn DE, Parkinson MC, Peters JL, Philp T, Rennie CD, Sandhu DPS, Shah PJR, Shridhar P, Singh G, Terry TR, Vandal MT, Vesey SG, Watkin NA, Wijewardena D, Winkler M, Wood DN and Worth PHL.

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